Mega PTC Clicks

Wow, just wow! Two PTC sites are offering a staggering amount of clicks at $0.005. Yes, that is only a half cent but they do add up. Right now NeoBux has 171 of them available. ClixSense has about 150 per or more per day and this has been going on for a few weeks. Now would be the time to jump in and get these clicks before they are gone. I don’t click all of them at one time but throughout the the day. Cashout comes very quickly.

Sign up under me and click some links,  then email with your username and which program and I will send you the diamond zubee and some bonus zubees everyday that you click. Must click at least the four orange fixed advertisements at NeoBux  and at must click at least 1 at ClixSense, the more you click the more bonus zubees you get.

Signup and email me at  with your ptc userid and zubee userid.


ClixSense – Cashout $8  Upgraded $6

Click at least 1 advertisement. Must be signed up under me though for the zubees.




Click at least 4 orange fixed advertisements. Must be signed up under me though for the zubees.

NeoBux – Cashout $2 then $4, $6, $8, $10 and stays at $10 after the fifth cashout.





3 thoughts on “Mega PTC Clicks

  1. Hi,
    I have just signed up under you at NeoBux, but I can’t see this large numbers of ads you are talking about. It’s only 16 ads with $.001 value

  2. Hey Carl, Great post and yes very true. BUT….. The $.005 ads your speaking of are Tier 1 ads GEO targeted USA only. All the $.005 ads contain AdSense which Tier 1 Countries are USA, UK and AU currently. Please don’t be mad at me, just wanted to specify.

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