Program Launching How To —– 10,000 XP Awarded to a Random Commenter

How many of you out there want or have wanted to be a program owner? Yes, there are lots of programs out there, but there is room for more as new people are trying out the business everyday. The world is a big place and many want to earn online. Yes 99% will quit and be gone relatively fast, but the 1% that is left is still large and growing every day. CTP TE Live had an episode today  where Jon Olson interviewed Dan Moses, a guru on launching programs.

There is a lot of passion and awesome information in this interview so take a look and let me know what you think. I will be giving away 10,000 CTP XP to one random person who comments on this in a genuine manner, I mean puts real thought into and not just rambling.

So post your comments and put your CTP username in the comments and a drawing will be held on Sunday Jun 28th.


Have a great day and continue building your business everyday.



3 thoughts on “Program Launching How To —– 10,000 XP Awarded to a Random Commenter

  1. The Interview with Dan Moses was an excellent start to my day 🙂
    I loved the fact that it highlights that if you are serious about starting an online business then you do need to realise that to make it successful you need capital .
    Like any business whether it be online or offline, you need startup capital and an ongoing budget to work with, as well as setting very realistic financial and business goals for future planning.
    Dont just start up a business and think that it is going to work for you while you sit back.
    All businesses take work, they take planning and they take commitment.
    develop your strategic plan before you go into business and then watch as your realistic goals get ticked off every time you achieve one.
    Follow your heart but do it sensibly and make the business work for you by doing the work required.

  2. I just finished watching the replay of this as it is a bit early in the morning for me here. This was one of the best TELive’s I have seen so far. Jon asked great questions of Dan who I think gave away enough information to give anyone interested in getting into the market of TE’s or mailers food for thought. It is a must watch interview for sure.

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