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So PayPal does not like the business model of the traffic exchange industry, or Viral Mailers for that matter. Could PTC’s be next? Many owners are scrambling to get different payment processors installed. Payza seems to at the top of the list, but not all are happy about that.

There was a great deal of money going through PayPal and I guess they feel the dangers out weighed the cash flow. What ever their reasons, I doubt they will change their minds so a very uncertain period is upon the TE industry. Will this weed out the bottom feeders and help clean up the industry? Will mainstays ans pillars of the industry decide it is not worth it? Only time will tell.

What are your thoughts?

6 thoughts on “PayPal PayPal PayPal…..

  1. I will not use Payza, but I will hang in there in the hope that a better alternative will emerge! I do not think Payza is a safe alternative, and I do not trust them enough to give them my social security number.

  2. I’m one of the ones who lost money when AlertPay decided not to do business in the US for a while. I had transferred money from my bank to buy something but had a medical emergency before that transaction was completed. When I returned from the hospital I couldn’t even log in. Plus I had commissions coming to me. Altogether I lost almost $800. Therefore I don’t trust Payza. And who is to say that Payza won’t eventually make the same decision that PayPal did?

  3. Many PTCs and PTRs started getting limited by PayPal years ago and switched to AlertPay/Payza. I recall a wave of it around 2009-2010’ish. The large ones like ClixSense and Neobux have been able to keep theirs but many others haven’t been allowed to use PayPal in years.

  4. No payment processor has the worldwide reach or trustworthiness to be a universal solution for the TE or PTC industry. I think the only solution is for owners and users to learn how to use cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, for example. It will take some adjustment, but that is the only solution I can see at the moment.

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