Guess what? Purple Tiger Blog now has Zubees! Woohoo!

What are Zubees? Well Zubees are part of a reward program that gives out daily coins….silver worth 125 Zubees, gold worth 250 Zubees and diamond worth 1000 Zubees. They can be found at Traffic Exchanges, PTC’s, Blogs,…etc. Each coin if available on that site can be claimed once a day. Right now the silver coin can be claimed here at Purple Tiger Blog and the gold coin can be claimed once for subscribing to my blog. Already a member…well leave me a comment on this post and I will send you that gold coin worth 250 Zubees. That brings me to the diamond Zubee, Not sure how I will use it yet but it will be added soon. There are many ways to add bonuses to the value of those coins so that coins with bonuses are worth more than face value. There is a surf party where you surf three sites and every 57 pages at all three gets you a 3 day 5% bonus. You can earn that bonus 10 times per day for a total of 50% added per day. Since they are 3 days in duration you can be getting a 150% bonus for all the coins you claim. Team bonuses and purchase bonuses can also add to the bonus total. The Zubees then can be used to purchase items in the marketplace at ZubeeZone or exchanged for cash. So go and check out ZubeeZone to find out what Zubees are all about.


Spotlight on virtuist.com


Virutist is an affiliate marketing website where you use a character to fight on the battlefield to earn Virtuist points. You then use those Virtuist points which you’ve earned and turn them into text ads, this simple core program enables you to list build your website around its core gamified intentions.   —Owner Aaron Williams

One thing I have learned from CTP is to gamify. Putting some fun into building my business has really made things easier and helped me to keep focus on growing my business.