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So PayPal does not like the business model of the traffic exchange industry, or Viral Mailers for that matter. Could PTC’s be next? Many owners are scrambling to get different payment processors installed. Payza seems to at the top of the list, but not all are happy about that.

There was a great deal of money going through PayPal and I guess they feel the dangers out weighed the cash flow. What ever their reasons, I doubt they will change their minds so a very uncertain period is upon the TE industry. Will this weed out the bottom feeders and help clean up the industry? Will mainstays ans pillars of the industry decide it is not worth it? Only time will tell.

What are your thoughts?

Why do I have to pay to be paid?

Why do I have to pay to be paid? Free members are the backbone of any TE or Viral Mailer. Without them the program would not last long. Yet they are treated as second class citizens. On some sites the free members can be offered and claim cash prizes, but until they upgrade/pay they cannot cashout. Why? This is really unethical and wrong. Those same free members are producing the majority of your traffic.

Here is a post by Randy Howard on the same subject.

“Enough is Enough…

Okay – I have tried to be nice about this. I have tried to encourage owners of Traffic Exchanges & Viral Mailers to stop enticing members at their systems with cash prizes just to encourage them to be active and then having a payout policy that does not allow FREE members to include those cash prizes in their payouts.

This is unethical and bad business. The only ones that are being hurt by this practice are the members who continue to use and support those owners who are doing nothing more than ripping them off.

Yes I may tarnish my name and cause a lot of owners to not like me, but it’s worth it if it gets these type of systems offline.

Read the Terms of Service, FAQ’s, Commission section, and the members home page for a systems payout policy. If it’s not listed anywhere on the website – contact the owner and ask for them.

You have been warned and if you use or continue to use systems that supports these practices you are only encouraging the continued use of this practice. The only way to get these owners to change is to STOP USING and STOP PROMOTING them until they change their policy or they are forced out of business.

Boycott any Traffic Exchange or Viral Mailer that does not take care of you and the other members.

Remember – you are spending your time and effort to make these owners money and you are getting nothing in return.

It’s all up to you as a member – if you do nothing – nothing will change.

I know that a lot of owners are in this chat were not at all to pleased with me the last post I made about Boycotting systems… to bad I am not here to win a popularity contest – but provide members an ethical business model that they can use to earn with and if you are one of the owners who are offended by this message and have these policies at your sites – this is directed at you.”

Lets hear your feelings on this.




Taking Earned Money for Inactivity

When an affiliate does the work, they should be paid for that work. For an owner to take that money after a period of inactivity is just plain wrong. Yes, I know your TERMS say that you can and the affiliate agrees to it, but it is unethical and wrong. The term of inactivity can be anywhere from 10 days to over a year as far as I’ve seen. The account is kept in place but all gained money, credits,..etc are confiscated. Why, it is not doing you any harm. They did the work and it is their money not yours. Why take someones money that they earned?



Spending Money Rant


This is a business. Do you know what that means? Well, it means that to make money you have to spend money. I will say that again to make money you will need to spend money, just like in any other business. There are no quick fixes or get rich quick schemes that really work.

CTP is in the playoffs of their team competition and there are grumblings of they only won because they spend more money. This is true, but where did that money go? In to CTP’s pockets? Well yes and no. CTP is in the business of selling products to help grow your business. They are offering some nice prize money to the winners. To do this they also need to make money. Another way to look at is did the teams waste money? No, that money went into promoting their business. It is very doubtful that very much would be spent if it was not going back in to the business.

Thought of the day: Spend money to make money.






Program Launching How To —– 10,000 XP Awarded to a Random Commenter

How many of you out there want or have wanted to be a program owner? Yes, there are lots of programs out there, but there is room for more as new people are trying out the business everyday. The world is a big place and many want to earn online. Yes 99% will quit and be gone relatively fast, but the 1% that is left is still large and growing every day. CTP TE Live had an episode today  where Jon Olson interviewed Dan Moses, a guru on launching programs.

There is a lot of passion and awesome information in this interview so take a look and let me know what you think. I will be giving away 10,000 CTP XP to one random person who comments on this in a genuine manner, I mean puts real thought into and not just rambling.

So post your comments and put your CTP username in the comments and a drawing will be held on Sunday Jun 28th.


Have a great day and continue building your business everyday.