Taking Earned Money for Inactivity

When an affiliate does the work, they should be paid for that work. For an owner to take that money after a period of inactivity is just plain wrong. Yes, I know your TERMS say that you can and the affiliate agrees to it, but it is unethical and wrong. The term of inactivity can be anywhere from 10 days to over a year as far as I’ve seen. The account is kept in place but all gained money, credits,..etc are confiscated. Why, it is not doing you any harm. They did the work and it is their money not yours. Why take someones money that they earned?



Spending Money Rant


This is a business. Do you know what that means? Well, it means that to make money you have to spend money. I will say that again to make money you will need to spend money, just like in any other business. There are no quick fixes or get rich quick schemes that really work.

CTP is in the playoffs of their team competition and there are grumblings of they only won because they spend more money. This is true, but where did that money go? In to CTP’s pockets? Well yes and no. CTP is in the business of selling products to help grow your business. They are offering some nice prize money to the winners. To do this they also need to make money. Another way to look at is did the teams waste money? No, that money went into promoting their business. It is very doubtful that very much would be spent if it was not going back in to the business.

Thought of the day: Spend money to make money.