Program Launching How To —– 10,000 XP Awarded to a Random Commenter

How many of you out there want or have wanted to be a program owner? Yes, there are lots of programs out there, but there is room for more as new people are trying out the business everyday. The world is a big place and many want to earn online. Yes 99% will quit and be gone relatively fast, but the 1% that is left is still large and growing every day. CTP TE Live had an episode today  where Jon Olson interviewed Dan Moses, a guru on launching programs.

There is a lot of passion and awesome information in this interview so take a look and let me know what you think. I will be giving away 10,000 CTP XP to one random person who comments on this in a genuine manner, I mean puts real thought into and not just rambling.

So post your comments and put your CTP username in the comments and a drawing will be held on Sunday Jun 28th.


Have a great day and continue building your business everyday.



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Virutist is an affiliate marketing website where you use a character to fight on the battlefield to earn Virtuist points. You then use those Virtuist points which you’ve earned and turn them into text ads, this simple core program enables you to list build your website around its core gamified intentions.   —Owner Aaron Williams

One thing I have learned from CTP is to gamify. Putting some fun into building my business has really made things easier and helped me to keep focus on growing my business.